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Your Gateway to Japan

Unique Items

Japanese blades, Antique Firearms, Armour and many items you can’t buy anywhere else.

Best Service

We are here for you 24/7 to make sure you get your dream item fast, hassle free and at the best possible price.


More then just a shop & proxy service. Our Experts will provide a selected list of items and will find whatever you may be looking for.

Our Shop

Our Shop brings you the finest in NihontoDanish danish cotton candy liquorice tart tiramisu. Dessert cake cake shortbread danish candy brownie bonbon marshmallow. Jelly-o candy jelly gummi bears gummi bears wafer lollipop shortbread. Icing oat cake gingerbread oat cake danish toffee sweet bear claw. Cheesecake apple pie cotton candy cookie toffee dessert carrot cake chocolate bar. Pie jelly-o lollipop fruitcake sweet roll.

Our Proxy Service

We always have our eyes on the ball for you and make sure that you don’t miss out on the object you are after. We are supporting a number of Japanese auction sites and also work together with individual shops, both online and offline. We handle the export procedure and shipping for you (even for large items like furniture) and keep you updated on the progress until you receive your “precious”.

Our Expertise

Nippon Buyers Club cooperates with a number of experts from various collection fields. Wether it is Nihonto, Tosogu, Tanegashima arquebuses or Ukiyo-e prints. In a few weeks we will be launching our weekly newsletter for swords in which we will discuss a selected few Nihonto currently on auction that you might want to consider for acquisition.

Let’s go hunting swords

No, we are not talking about another “katanagari”. But we are entertaining relationships with a number of brokers all across the country and are able to find and acquire a specific blade or a blade from a specific smith or school for you at reasonable cost.

“A really good experience end to end. Those guys are really professional”

Henrik M., Copenhagen

“Spotless and swift service. Could not have done it without them.”

Mark C., London

“Chris and his team saved me a lot of money on my purchase […] and were also very helpful whith importing the sword into Romania via Germany”

Adrian B., Bucharest