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Our Mission

We want to make buying swords and other hard-to-get items easy for you, leveraging our long time experience and network in Japan. We are not simply another proxy service that is “pushing boxes”, instead we are people determined to make your buying-experience as hassle free and smooth as possible.

Our Shop

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We are driven by passion

The Samurai culture of old in general and more specifically its weapons and armor are our passion. Nihonto and Yoroi are not simply goods to us, they are artifacts of a glorious bygone era that we want to help preserve and make available to the world.

Chris Loeber

Founder & Owner

Nippon Buyers Club was founded by Chris Loeber. Chris has been living in Japan (Aichi province) for more than 20 years and entertains close relationships with a number of Nihonto dealers and brokers as well as blacksmiths.